Bully Child

About 75% of the people in jail have been bully at some point of time in their childhood. Isn’t this an indicator that a bully child could be a potential criminal in future?


Does this scare you? If yes, read on … and If no, just check out and make sure that your child isn't a bully. Parents of a bully child are the last persons to know that their child is a bully.

If your child is a bully … this is the time to set him right, or sooner or later, he'd do something serious against law, and then law will take its own course. It would be too late to mend then. Prevention is always better than cure.

What is Bullying:
Bullying is a tendency of intentionally hurting others without sufficient reasons. Threatening to hurt is also bullying. ‘Hurt’ may be physical, verbal, non-verbal, social or sexual.

1. Physical bullying:

• Hitting, kicking, pushing, spitting, intimidating
• Snatching, stealing, hiding, breaking or spoiling belongings of others
• Making others do things they don't want to do

2. Verbal bullying:

• Name-calling, humiliating, teasing, ridiculing, insulting
• Sarcasm, making fun beyond a point
• Saying or writing nasty things about others

3. Non-Verbal Bullying:

• Making offending gestures
• Mimicking the physical activity, disability or postures of others

4. Social bullying:

• Refusing to talk to victim
• Spreading rumors about someone
• Making someone behave in a manner he doesn't want to behave
• Making someone feel uncomfortable or scared
• Leaving Someone out of group activities

5. Sexual bullying:

Vulgar remarks and gestures, unwanted physical contact

6. Gadget bullying:

Using mobile phones, e-mails, websites, cameras or other gadgets to hurt others.

All forms of bullying severely damage the victim emotionally. Most of the times a bully mixes more than one of these types of bullying.

Bully vs. Victim:
The Bully is generally bigger and stronger than the victim. Most of the times he is with his gang of friends who encourage him to bully the victim. Victim is generally alone or with other victims. The bully always has fun and enjoys bullying, while victim always feels pain, misery and distress.

The vicious circle of Bullying:
Bullying creates a vicious circle. It makes the victim scared of the bully, which encourages the bully and makes it easier for him to bully the victim again and again. Repeated bullying keeps adding to the intensity and makes the victim more scared and the circle keeps on going … unless the pattern is broken by somebody outside this vicious circle.

Bullying and Aggression:
Bullying is serious form of general aggressive behavior. Bully uses aggressive behavior just for fun without any real reason. Bullying is intentional while general aggression is only occasional or accidental.