Parenting Discipline

Parenting discipline is a precondition for child discipline. Parental discipline creates the conductive atmosphere for child to behave correctly. Right parenting and discipline go hand in hand. We must, therefore, discipline parenting first.

Parenting Discipline

The New born's Mind
Kids are born with a blank mind. Like new or formatted hard disc. But this hard disc is live… fitted with powerful sensors like ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin. It can automatically programme itself sensing all kinds of data from its surroundings ... without making out any difference between good or bad data.

During early years, children spend more time with us. Therefore we are their surroundings. As they are fully dependent upon us during these early years, we mean the whole world to them. We are their Hero … Superman … their role models.

As far as our children are concerned, we are the best in the universe. We are irreplaceable and indispensable for them. They want to be like us in every way. Therefore they imitate us in eating, standing, sitting, walking, talking, smiling, laughing, joking, making gestures, attitude, expressing anger or happiness, fighting … and much more.

They are fitted with extremely sensitive sensors. Sensitive enough to detect, identify and record the message that we emit by our words, actions, body language, gestures or even being silent.

We are under their constant surveillance. Their sub-conscious mind is listening to us even while they are sleeping.

If we want them to do something, lets do it in front of them. If not, lets not do it ourself at all.

So we better watch our words, gestures, emotions, actions and body language. We are the biggest influence in our child’s life, so lets not miss the opportunity and make good use of it.